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Safety and medical help are important issues for all divers both in the theory and practice and this is why PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa has joined together with aqua med to develop an optimal all-round coverage package for all PADI Pros. The aqua med dive card professional is designed to cover you while you are:

  • diving
  • travelling
  • teaching or assisting with scuba instruction as a diving professional

The aqua med dive card professional –
The safety package for you as a PADI Pro

The key benefits of the aqua med dive card professional cover:

dive card professional
  • 24/7 medical emergency hotline: Direct 24-hour access to our emergency physicians, without being put through to a call centre
  • Professional emergency management worldwide: All arrangements would be made for any further treatment required in an emergency, even including return transport to your country of residence where necessary
  • Storage of medical data: You would have the option to store your medical data, such as blood group, allergies or drug intolerance in the aqua med emergency database. Storing your medical data means that your information is directly accessible to the aqua med physicians in an emergency
  • Medical insurance when travelling abroad: Comprehensive cover for treatments and ambulance transport with unlimited worldwide coverage of costs. Health insurance is available for 56 consecutive days abroad in each case
  • Diving accident insurance: We meet the costs of hyperbaric chamber treatments, with unlimited worldwide coverage of such costs
  • Diving Instructor Liability Insurance: Inclusive of professional indemnity insurance for diving professionals. The sum insured is € 3.5 million

The insurance benefits are made available to you via Medical Helpline Worldwide group insurance contracts with ACE European Group Limited (for diving accident insurance and medical insurance abroad) and R+V Allgemeine Versicherungen AG (for liability insurance).

Annual premium for renewed PADI members from just € 139 a year


Student Care Programme –
Exclusive for PADI EMEA members and a special bonus for your diving students

What is Student Care?

  • Provides coverage from aqua med for PADI diving students during a PADI Discover Scuba Diving-/Bubblemaker-programme and PADI Open Water Diver- / PADI Junior Open Water Diver- and PADI Scuba Diver- / PADI Junior Scuba Diver course for up to 6 months, free of charge

Which service is covered with the Student Care Programme?

Student Care
  • 24/7 medical emergency hotline from aqua med
  • Payment of costs for hyperbaric chamber treatment up to € 15,000 *
    *the aqua med medical emergency hotline must be contacted before any treatment

Which conditions apply to me as a PADI EMEA member in order to offer Student Care?

  • Your aqua med dive card professional must be in date and valid
  • Your PADI EMEA membership must be renewed
  • You are conducting one of the above mentioned programmes / courses
  • You register your students online at before starting the programme / course

What else should I know about Student Care?

  • The use of the Student Care Programme is absolutely free of charge for you and your students
  • The coverage of Student Care begins with the registration (on and runs a maximum of 6 months or ends automatically at the end of the PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver-course. During this period your student is covered through you as a diving instructor for the named diving courses


The aqua med sales partnership –
Receive additional benefits through this attractive provision model from aqua med

Be a sales partner!

Offer your students coverage from aqua med after the successful completion of their courses and the Student Care Programme by becoming an aqua med sales partner!

As a sales partner you’ll continue to benefit from the optimal all-round coverage and service of the aqua med dive card professional and if your students sign up with you for an aqua med dive card or an aqua med dive card professional, you will receive a provision per contract. To register a student for an aqua med dive card or dive card professional, simply use the personal application forms with your sales number, which we will send to you when you become a sales partner, and we will credit any provisions to your account quarterly.

It’s that easy! Without any extra effort you can offer your students an additional service as you benefit from the advantages of the aqua med sales partnership.

For more information on aqua med dive cards and sales partnerships visit > Products and > Sales partnership

You can also contact us on +49 421 222 27 – 10 or


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